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The Emancipation Proclamation is 150 Years Old | The White House

The Emancipation Proclamation is 150 Years Old | The White HouseThank you Obama for keeping it real. #obama2012Economic justice, the heart of the on-going African diasporic freedom movement, has still yet to be achieved - 150 years after enslaved American blacks were granted legal freedom. To revisit the comments of Dr. MLK Jr. on the Chicago Freedom Movement, we are still on the first step of a thousand mile journey [paraphrase]. Ok, for the racial optimist among us, the 100th step of the second mile. Where is my forty acres and a mule?
All slaves residing in states in rebellion 100 days from now will be free [paraphrase]. #1862sept22 #2012sept22 #AbeLincoln #EP150 #economicjustice #1863jan1 #2013jan1
The countdown to the 150th Anniversary of the first step to the Economic Justice of American Blacks begins at midnight tonight.

Economic Justice: Predatory Lending Settlement

Wells Fargo ($432.5M) and Bank of America ($335M) pay up on predatory lending settlement based on data showing that Black and Latino customers were charged more for mortgages, even with comparable credit standings.


Check news story on CNN Money: