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Sigh: Sociologists Dealing with Attributions of Racism

A response to how sociologists "deal" with race launched a heated exchange on Scatterplot at the end of February regarding attributions of racism. I was disappointed at the defensiveness present in the Scatterplot response to the “trauma” post and at the dismissiveness present in their response to the NY Post picture overall (not to say that all bloggers were defensive or dismissive, respectively, at one or all issues presented). In response to a healthy discussion already in place at Scatterplot , Skinny Malinky 's original "trauma" post states: I mean to pause and remember the force of the accumulated and collective traumas of racism, and to think about what sort of failure it is for sociology to refuse a consideration of that force, and to what new traumas that failure contributes. As a POC who grew up in the Deep South ( not to say this identity is definitively linked to the subsequent clause, but to provide sociological context to me saying that: Upo