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A Place to Trust: BHM @EmeraldGlobal

Super excited this morning to finally put together the rationale for all of these tweets on my recently published paper with Rashawn Ray , " A Place to Trust: Black Protestant Affiliation and Trust in Personal Physicians ." It has been featured as one of nine (9) articles published by Emerald Group Publishing exploring current topics in race and race relations. In honor of Black History Month (BHM), they are offering free access to the PDF and Full Text of the article. Not sure how long this will last, so go and get your copy hot off the press! There are some interesting reads on the list, including three other articles on health and/or medicine. While you are perusing "A Place to Trust", also check out " All Marked-Up in the Genetic Era: Race and Ethnicity as "Floating Signifiers" in Genetic and Genomic Research " by my dear colleague Carson Byrd. I am glad to see so much research on race and health being featured by publishers. Enjoy folks