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Berlin: Courtesy of The Circus Hostel

This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen in...yes, in my life. I am staying at The Circus Hostel in Berlin-Mitte (the center of Berlin) for the duration of my stay. These people are on it! Check out the website. There is a thing such as the Cheap Man's Bus Tour . You can basically run the stops that the major tour bus run on public transit for 4 Euros ( a day fare). You get the "tour" part free, from a guy named Jimbo (Jim Hadfield) who will explain to you all the sights that are shown in the buses, plus more. You only have to download the mp3 files to you phone or other music player. And then, what the kicker for me directions from the airport (in my case, Schoenfield) right to the door of The Circus Hostel. It is only two minutes long, and it is on youtube. Isn't it cool?! Wish me luck! AAS

Dogs in Action: Picture Pals for LXS

So, in loving memory of my beautiful Beagle, Luther X. Sewell (LXS; pictured below), I am starting a dog blog. Here, I will post pix of all the cute lil dogs I see during my stay and travels. I have such a penchant to snap a picture of a dog every time I see one that this blog may get long. With no further adieu, I introduce you to my first two friends "Acorn" (left) and "Brad" (right), If anyone wants to take a shot at identifying breeds, be my guess It is as if they knew I was looking at them...because they looked back just in time for the flash. Until next time... AAS

Breaking the Ice: The Last Girl on Earth Tour and Digging Up My Caribbean Roots

Updates: So, I am super excited to report that I have bought my tickets for Rihanna's The Last Girl on Earth Tour. She will be coming to The Color Line Arena in Hamburg, Germany on May 1st, 2010 @ 20:00 (8:00pm). I am a bit afraid of being swamped by teeny-boppers, so I bought tickets in an area where you can sit. Pray for me. While I will be screaming-crooning the words with everyone else (and RiRi), I will not be jumping up and down, drunk, or in any other way out of my mind. Ok, ... I might be out of my mind with excitement, but I should have all physiological functions operating. But seriously, the Germans party hard, and I just want to come out alive. lol I am also super excited to report to you that I will be digging up my ROOTS. Yes! My father has family who lives in Hamburg from his mother's side that most of us have never met. I spoke with my cousin on the phone and got even more excited. He speaks pretty good English and has a noticeable Caribbean accent. Him and his

It's an iTunes Takeover

Yes, I have caved to the great powers of Apple. I've had iTunes downloaded on my computer for a long time, but rarely, if ever, have I used it. Until Germany. A friend of mine came and blessed me with some music. Thus, began my tour into the world of iTunes. See, I'm a CD person. I figure if you're that excited about someone, you should support them. Mp3s, for me, had always come from Napster or Limewire, and thus, were for previewing something. Not supporting someone. But it seems as if iTunes has changed all of this. Even still, there are some things I just should not have easy access to...for my own good. A GAP, Inc. credit card is one of those things. Purchasable music at the click of a button is another. As I have moved into the world of fixed incomes (i.e., graduate student for life), I have purchased less music. The positive result of this is that I have a much smaller collection of music that I am very enthusiastic about. The negative result of this is that I do not

The Nerd I Am: Books in Europe

So, this post needs a bit of an introduction (short, I promise). Last summer, I went to Berkeley, CA for an internship at The Warren Institute (UCB School of Law). As a typical nerd and book lover, I bought a box of books with me. It costs me about $30 to ship in there, and another $30 to ship it back. Many of these books were on topics for my dissertation idea at the time. I brought so many books that I swore I wouldn't buy any there. That plan failed. I bought 15 or so books from local used bookstores. I couldn't help it. And I was angry at myself as I bought the books, because I knew I didn't really have the space for more books. But I just couldn't pass up on these deals. Much of these books were also for my dissertation topic at the time. I also couldn't pass up some old Talcott Parsons and Marx books, which have nothing to do with my dissertation. Anyways, I say all this to say that I learned my lesson: Don't bring books on long trips. On this trip, I brou