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I am Performing in Voices in Action Concert: Artists Against Oppression

Voices in Action Concert: Artists Against Oppression Hey folks,  Today at 8:50 PM EST / 5:50 PM PST, I will be performing my poem I wrote two months after the execution of Sam Dubose on July 19, 2015 by University of Cincinnati police, Ray Tenning. Tenning was fired from the department and indicted for murder and voluntary manslaughter ; however, after two hung juries, his charges were dismissed with prejudice. "#NotAnotherHashtag" was penned connecting my own anguish to my own encounters with the police, which I detail in the poem. I detail the case that shifted my mind in a blog I wrote, "I am Rayshard Brooks" . I also detail this case through a comedic form, "Ketchup" for In Laughing Color for Queerky Folks . I hope you can tune in. Ali Voices in Action Concert is a telethon-style event that will livestream on Sunday, July 5th from 9am to 9pm PST (6am - 6pm EDT) to raise money for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. The event c

I am Rayshard Brooks

11 charges for murderer. 3 for partner. I didn't even know some of these charges were crimes. Rolfe (murderer): 1. felony murder, 2. aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, 3. aggravated assault, 4. violation of oath (unspecified), 5. shooting towards a bystander in a car in the parking lot, 6. criminal damage to property after a bullet hit the car, 7. oath violation for not informing Brooks of cause of arrest, 8. shooting a Taser at Brooks as he fled, 9. excessive force when shooting Brooks, 10. failing to administer medical aid to Brooks after he was shot, 11. aggravated assault for kicking Brooks after he was shot Brosnan (partner): 1. aggravated assault for standing on Brooks’ body after he was shot, 2. violation of oath for standing on Brooks’ body, 3. violation of oath for failing to give timely medical aid. Morals of the story? 1. This is not the Wild Wild West. 2. Raging out is not a part of the job. 3. Police can be criminals too. At least, this