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another look at the bio professor-killer

I just found it ironic that of the six persons that were shot in the recent Huntsville killings, four of them were biologists of color. Check out this blog by Doctor Cleveland at that raises a question the media seems to think is unimportant (or too sensitive). Doctor Clevaland states, On the other hand, the media has had no interest at all in the question of race, although Bishop shot almost every non-white faculty member in the department. (She also shot and wounded two white victims, a professor and a staff member.) She killed both African-American professors in the department (one of whom was too junior to have had anything to do with Bishop's tenure decision). She killed the department chair, who was ethnically South Asian. A Latino faculty member was wounded. There may only be two non-white faculty left in the department. Whether she intended it or not, Amy Bishop effected a racial purge of the Alabama Huntsville biology department. But the press isn't inter