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the beginning of the end of 2009: three promises for 2010

it's been over 3 weeks and 3 days since i first presented the ideas for plan c of my 2010, i promise to stick to plan c -- and plan c only -- and push hard to finish the analysis for my dissertation. it's been over 7 months and 10 days since i last 2010, i promise to blog even when i think that what is on my mind is not blog-worthy. it's been over 3 years and 9 months since i broke up with my last 2010, i promise to work through the hard times of the relationship in which i am currently and let her hold me when i am down. i could provide a laundry list of things i "promise" to do as is usual with many new year commitment lists. yet, for the sake of brevity and my sanity, i will just focus on these three. i choose these three because... first, i would like to move past this economically-impoverished-but-supposedly-high-status phase of my life. i love the fact that being in graduate school allows me to soak up a