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Second Year on the Tenure Track/End of Postdoc

The second year of my tenure track in Sociology at Emory University has been an explosive year. The year began with my former Master's Thesis being picked up by over 45 media outlets and ended with 6 papers in print, 2 papers forthcoming, and 2 papers under review. Additionally, I was able to write enough to bring a manuscript in first draft form from my first year on the tenure track to a polished draft, to fully compose a first draft of a second paper, and to draft from scratch a paper that is currently under peer review. Not to mention, I have given 13 talks/presentation in the past 12 months. I've also been analysis happy. In this time frame, I completed analysis for two separate projects and am in the exploratory stage of four other projects. I realized these things as I filled out my end-of-the-year statements on teaching, service, and research. I would say my third and last year as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania has been wildly successful. I a