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Decomposing Difference: Sex vs. Gender in the Transgender Debates

Ran across a blog by bLaKtivist titled The Little Transmasculine Identity, THAT COULD today. Glad I am reading this page; glad that critical voices regarding female masculinities are being circulated. I remember reading Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg for the first time when I was 18. It completely shaped my idea of a masculine woman, as I had no other representation of such persons in my life. The stone butch identity is the one I tried to personify for a while until I came to Bloomington and was able to break away from the butch/femme dichotomies of the South and the expectations I had built up of myself in others. I must admit though, I could never pass as a stone butch; my facial features are too soft. The best butch I ever became was a "soft" one. haha. In my younger years (I'm really not as old as I sound), I hung with a number of masculine-identified women -- all of them expressing female masculinities in their own distinct ways. Although I found it diff