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Coming Out, Coming Into Yourself, Coming Back Home

- a mini-biopic written for the July #makingspace writing group at @chariscircle Hi, my name is Abigail, and I am a black queer freedom fighter. In my parallel life, I am a comedian.  My traveling caravan includes Luther X, my beagle, and Frida Kahlo X, my diesel-engine Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. My show is called,  “ Dancing with a Professor ” .  It sheds insight into the highlights of my life from growing up in a trailer to making it “big" in the city.  It has toured all across the eastern seaboard, California, and the Midwest. My manager says there’s plans for us to head out to Vegas next.  I live in the interstitial spaces of transition.   I spend a substantial portion of my earnings traveling, from act to act, adventure to adventure, woman to woman.  I love anything that comes out of a Keurig machine and mint tea at night. I can be intelligent and witty yet self-conscious and introverted.  Some say I am a pendulum. I say I am equilibrium turned on its insides, tossed