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Seven Hundred and Fifty Reasons to #Vote2020

$750 is anarchy.  $750 is criminal. 45 paid $750 in personal taxes for 2016 and 2017. No personal taxes for the prior decade, as reported by  The New York Times . I paid more money in federal taxes as a college student working a part-time job. I even paid more money in federal taxes as a graduate student with only fellowship funding. Understand the absurdity of shelling out $1500 a year as a grad student making less than $20k, during the same exact time that the millionaire "leader of the free world" is paying $0 in personal income tax.  In a good decade, I gave $15k to the government, after deductions. Trump? No more than 10% of that. Trump paid less taxes than I did while I was in graduate school. Two months of rent covers 30 days of shelter but only 2-3 nights of stay in a Trump Hotel. He's out a short vacation. I am racking up fees because my rent is late. We have the audacity to talk about financial literacy and wealth management and to dole out achievement driven ex