Seven Hundred and Fifty Reasons to #Vote2020

$750 is anarchy. 

$750 is criminal.

45 paid $750 in personal taxes for 2016 and 2017. No personal taxes for the prior decade, as reported by The New York Times.

I paid more money in federal taxes as a college student working a part-time job.

I even paid more money in federal taxes as a graduate student with only fellowship funding.

Understand the absurdity of shelling out $1500 a year as a grad student making less than $20k, during the same exact time that the millionaire "leader of the free world" is paying $0 in personal income tax. 

In a good decade, I gave $15k to the government, after deductions. Trump? No more than 10% of that.

Trump paid less taxes than I did while I was in graduate school. Two months of rent covers 30 days of shelter but only 2-3 nights of stay in a Trump Hotel. He's out a short vacation. I am racking up fees because my rent is late.

We have the audacity to talk about financial literacy and wealth management and to dole out achievement driven explanations, like "just go to school" and "work harder" to frame our understanding of socioeconomic inequality. 

No. No more bait and switch. Call a spade a spade.

Our solution to leveling social inequality is systemic transformation, not behavior change. The hypocrisy evident in this moment lies in the system of relations that covet and protect the practices that make $750 a number that is newsworthy.

Or, better idea: Just run up all your credit card bills, never pay your student loans, cook your books to qualify for auto, home, and business loans and then 7 years in throw up your hands and say, "Oops! No can do!". Tie up payment to your debtors in bankruptcy court for years. Rinse and repeat, for decades. Then, play the acting role of a lifetime lure a constituency -- these are, the same people you have bankrupted, robbed, and evaded -- to think that you have their back, that you will take care of their streets, and protect the learning capacities of their children. Smile and wink at your impeachment. Install judges at every level of the judicial system who will pat your back and wipe away the guilt behind your tears. And, add insult to injury: Threaten to not concede to an electoral loss. Basically, become a psychopath.

$750 is simply criminal. 



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